We Didn't Start The Fire

                     This was the call that sparked it all.

On a cool Friday evening in 2016, I sat at Bobcat Field watching to current slate of Bobcats as they fought in the trenches. My good friend Kevin was there with me. Now, Kevin was a year younger than me. Kevin played football longer than I did and it wasn't until High School that we really got to play on the same squad. Still, just as Kevin grew up in a Greenbrier Youth Football program, I too was raised by Greenbrier Athletics. 

That night we shared the bleachers with not only my Dad, but a bevy of other former players, coaches and all around legends. Its always fun to reminisce, sometimes though... you want to relive. 

That's where the heart of this clip lies. This clip, from a playoff game in 2003, contains every aspect of what he hope to bring you: history, action and of course...excitement! Thanks for that call Brad and Ricky. 

After that night last fall, we set out to start collecting. Not to live in the past, but in an attempt to preserve for future generations. 
This clip right here is one of the most memorable moments that I can recall during my high school years, possibly in the history of Greenbrier Football. 

This was a night, a moment in time that represented a culmination of many years of hard work and dedication. It was something that our whole town rallied around. It was something that none of us would ever forget. 

It's these moments that bring us to this.

Ten years later, after a night of brainstorming, Andrew came up with an idea for the Robertson County Sports Network. 

The idea behind the Robertson County Sports Network, is to help provide you, the student, parent, athlete, friend or family member with an opportunity to review or even relive, all that is Robertson County Sports. 

We will never claim to be the best, nor will we try to steal anyone else's thunder. We are fans just like you. 

With today being the start of a new Football Season, here is The Brier Patch: A Greenbrier Sports Archive. 

Feel free to click around. 

More to come soon!



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